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Thread: Super Troopers 2

  1. Super Troopers 2

    Not 100% official yet, but it looks like it will happen.

  2. The first one blew. Why try again now a decade or so later.

  3. It was like an episode of snl. Some shit was hilarious. Most wasnt.

  4. Like your face.
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  5. Your retorts of late have been like sex with a kevlar condomn. Youre going through the motions, but theres no feeling.

  6. The beginning of Super Troopers is fantastic.
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  7. The whole movie's fantastic. Haters gonna hate. But why would they make a sequel? They don't need to - Thorny's got all that directing money now.
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  8. ST is a great flick, but all of their movies since (and this one didn't take off until it hit dvd) have died on the vine, good luck with this one.

  9. I have enjoyed all their movies that they have made since Super Troopers, but the restaurant one was weak.
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  10. This is finally going to happen. Indiegogo page

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