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Thread: A Week Ago, I Hugged This Man

  1. A Week Ago, I Hugged This Man

    This is games related because this industry needs to GROW THE FUCK UP.

    A week ago EA had their Sim City 5 Game Changers event where they invited 3 people who have made it their mission to make this world a better place, mad respect to them for that.
    Imediatly after that they bussed us of to a night club for a party and the unveiling of Battlefield3 and the morally reprehensible latest instalment in the Medal of Honor series.
    Moraly reprehensible because the game uses current real life conflict within an entertainment setting, imagine a big budget 9/11 game within a year of it happening.
    From mad respect instantly I went to WTF this cant be happening to outright anger when I heard the applause and someone behind me saying yeah this is what we want not that bullshit from earlier.

    The fighting game community rightfully was blasted for its misogeny recently yet this is not outrage worthy?
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    That guy's story is pretty awesome. And you said it perfectly. We've grown up with the industry being part of our lives, but the industry has not grown up at all. And in certain places where it would claim it has, it's token political correctness and not real maturity.

  3. I don't care at all.
    Boo, Hiss.

  4. He was one of the game changers EA had invited to talk.

  5. Go run your restaurant.

    I generally don't care for Almaci's threads but he's SPOT ON with this.

  6. Thanks.
    I have great respect for those who dedicate their lives helping others and this one hits close to home as well.
    Born in the mountains of Turkey back when it was a third world country, the middle child(sixth of eleven) I have lost two sisters thanks to the unavailability off clean water.

  7. Biz Stone and David guggenheim were the other guests BTW.

  8. That was an interesting read. I often wonder if I'd be able to handle something like what he did. Going somewhere that needs help and making a real difference instead of just talking about it or writing letters. That kind of strength is admirable, IMO.

    Then it dawned on me I'd been sipping filtered water as I read it and totally taking it for granted. Just as I do every day.

    Donated $20.

  9. Awesome, good for you.
    We need to address a lot more things though.
    Gamers as a community need to grow beyond this frat boy bro mentality

  10. What's weird is that when I was younger, gaming was completely the dominion of nerds. It was something I'd talk about with friends I knew played games too, but it was often a subject of ridicule, usually at the hands of the douchebag jock/popular types. I had absolutely no desire to be associated with these people, and I'm sure the feeling was probably mutual. Now not only are those dudebro types also playing games, but they seem to totally dominate the fan bases of certain genres.

    To be honest, I've always thought military shooters (with a few exceptions) were meathead games. So while I'm disappointed to read the reaction people had to the new Medal of Honor, I'm hardly surprised.


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