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Thread: World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

  1. World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

    Yes, I know. I'm that guy.

    Bear with me for a moment. Now that the beta is out and assets are being leaked all over the place, some of the details emerging are pretty interesting. I'm especially a fan of how the reworked talents and glyph system change core things about your abilities and how they interact with the world or targets in particular. I actually believe when they say that even though there's technically fewer talents, the decisions actually change your kit kind of radically.

    I won't try to show off any of the details:

    They've had posts for days and days detailing all the minutia. I like the talents, I like the glyphs. I like that PvP is being looked at and hopefully improved. I like the Monk class. Yes, it's probably going to be a whole lot like Cata, which was a whole lot like Wrath before it. I'm a PvE whore at heart, and to be honest not many details about raids have emerged, which is my chief concern. I AM happy about how fleshed out and diversified they want to make the classes.

    The press tour has had interviews with Blizzard's big names. Lots of them are stressing a return to the design attitude of vanilla, not the assets and characters like with Cata. No single threat, just the idea that there's some new land out there, go get it, see what you find, have an adventure, etc. Blizz made no secret about the fact that Garrosh is the Xpac's final boss and that you raid Orgrimmar at the end. That sounds kind of neat.

    Anyway, Guild Wars 2 is later this year, and I'm actually pretty fascinated with it. WoW actually has some stiff competition this year, so I'm hoping all of this plus Challenge modes and other crap will make the difference. I know I'm gonna be in the beta, so it's a matter of when, but when I do I guess I'll get a better idea of what to expect.

  2. Any videos of the monk in action? If it's nifty I might rock that for a while.

    I wish this was f2p, I would love to just pop in every couple months without having to drop $15.

  3. They made warlocks a viable tank class.

    That's the only interesting news I've heard so far

  4. They're not even a real class.

  5. September 25, dudes. I haven't done any raid testing in the beta but I've seen some videos. Some nice new mechanics, but also a lot of the same. I know I'll be playing it at least to max out my level and do Pokemans, but since D3 didn't really pan out as RF's new thing and neither did LoL, it'd be a shame to not play shit other than the occasional DayZ with you punks.

  6. Fuck you, get aids.

    Edit: We'll play Torchlight, or DayZ, or w/e else. Did you also know we have 360's?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by TrialSword View Post
    it'd be a shame to not play shit other than the occasional DayZ with you punks.
    I agree. Guild Wars 2 will be a good time!
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  8. I really thought more people would be psyched about Guild Wars 2 here.

  9. There was almost no discussion about it on TNL. Now that I'm actively reading up on the details, I'm really impressed. It's still an MMO but they've gone out of thir way to rethink pretty much every mechanic in the WoW clones.

  10. First WoW expansion I will not be buying. Just let this game die already


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