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Thread: Kickstarter's All-purpose Speculatory Thread of Dreams

  1. Me too. I'm a sucker for Kickstarter but taking a complete pass on this.


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  3. Defense Grid 2

    Kinda surprised this one hasn't gotten more notice. I seem to remember people really liking the first one.


  4. $4.6 million for Ouya!

  5. lawl

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    Does that really need a Kickstarter, though? The first did quite well. This is what I don't like about Kickstarter - what effectively amounts to pre-orders, rather than essential funding for a concept that simply can't be made otherwise. I mean, a sequel to a tower defense game is hardly the sort of audacious undertaking that no real publisher will back.

  7. The developers claim that they simply do not have the money to put out a sequel without outside funding. I was under the impression that Defense Grid was very successful so this is surprising to me too. I guess they really want to keep ownership of the IP?

    Not that it matters to me. Outside of a few non-standard tower defense games, the genre bores me to tears.

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    I think that Defense Grid is the best traditional tower defense game and I'd be happy to see a sequel. But I'm still not going to support this - if they aren't able to fund a sequel based on their success, then they've seriously screwed up somewhere and I have zero sympathy.

  9. They're not asking for sympathy, they're asking for money. Money spends better, and helps develop a new engine for a new game.


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    Money they should already have.

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