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Thread: Kickstarter's All-purpose Speculatory Thread of Dreams

  1. VHS so hot right now.

  2. Now here's a new Kickstarter I can get behind. Cyan is making a new original adventure game, this time with a more VR-friendly design (though it does support traditional play as well).

    I thought Obduction was a pretty incredible game, and despite the VR controls feeling very tacked-on, it was one of my favorite VR games because I just loved being in that world. I want this bad.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by kedawa View Post
    I get the feeling the better Bloodstained game is the one we already got.
    Apparently not! I haven't played it yet but fan reaction to the game is glowingly positive. It seems like the extra time and refinements have made a big difference. I still don't think the visual design looks amazing, but the game seems to be making people happy.

    I was braced for this to be another Mighty No. 9, but apparently not.

  4. I backed it but I still don't even have a shipping notice yet. Meanwhile mom and pop shops are selling it already. Fuck kickstarting games.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dolemite
    I've changed my mind about Korian. Anyone that can piss off so many people so easily is awesome. You people are suckers, playing right into his evil yellow hands.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Shin Johnpv View Post
    I backed it but I still don't even have a shipping notice yet. Meanwhile mom and pop shops are selling it already. Fuck kickstarting games.
    You don't get a download code to keep you busy in the meantime? That's how every KS game I backed did it, a download code on Day one and a late-ass physical in the mail when they get around to it.

    EDIT: No, I guess most people did get their physical copies today. Switch is next week, though. And Canadians are waiting.
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  6. Yeah gave it a go for about an hour. It's legit. Seems on par with, say, Portrait of Ruin or Dawn of Sorrow, which is pretty damn good in my book. The controls and mechanics feel right, which was always my biggest concern.

    It's surprising considering the chaotic dev cycle. I think 5 different studios ended up working on this? Inti Creates got taken off early on, then it was Monobit and DICO and then Monobit was fired. Then late last year they brought on WayForward to do clean up and that seems to have really paid off, as this has gotten a lot of polish that was clearly lacking last year.
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  7. It's weird that there's no talk of it on here. Is it because you all backed it and haven't received the game yet?

    I'm kinda looking forward to getting home and putting an hour or so into it before I go to bed. I think the last game of its type I really got into was...Shadow Complex? I played Axiom Verge for an hour or so and it didn't grab me. Y'all say Guacamelee is good, but like Meat Boy the art turns me off of it completely. Not that bloodstained has great art, it doesn't.
    So I'm not sure if it's This Game that has me sorta excited, or that there's a game of This Type finally that does.

  8. I backed it on Vita

  9. It could be the effective leveraging of nostlagia, but it has definitely grabbed me in ways those other games you mentioned haven't.

    It's funny, because I think 505 was expecting a weak reception, because they didn't send out review codes and there's not much marketing push for the game. But the feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

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    I may pick it up on Switch next week. I haven't been excited about this game at all but I played a lot of Castlevania. The housecat boss looks like silly fun.
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