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Thread: Kickstarter's All-purpose Speculatory Thread of Dreams

  1. This seems like the first Kickstarter for a "spiritual sequel" to an established franchise that actually feels like a credible replacement that could stand-in for the original going forward. Castlevania hasn't really been Castlevania in a long time, and the two Bloodstained games both feel close enough that they could be CV games if you changed the name and put Dracula in them. I have a feeling we'll be seeing more Bloodstained. Hopefully not annually like the DS CVs though.

    I guess Overload was a pretty good stand-in for Descent as well, but unfortunately that one didn't sell well enough to become a new franchise and the developer folded.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Space Pirate Roberts View Post
    Jeez, what kind of extras do they throw in with the physical version to justify an extra $20?
    The ability to sell it many years later.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post
    I’ll take slow walk over looking at that dumb shit, let alone dash down dash down dashdowning my way through.
    it is really fast AND it cancels your attack animation. It is really powerful; I could see them removing it.
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  4. I've put about 2.5 hours into Bloodstained and I love it. Controls feel good, I enjoy the look of it (nice and crisp), I like the cosmetic changes for equipment and I'm pretty sure David Hayter is the voice of one of the characters. I always dug the "kill enemies/get their ability" mechanic and that's here, lots of cool enemies I've seen so far as well. Really looking forward to giving it some solid time this weekend.

    Also Hollow Knight started off feeling cool and then I just lost interest, same with Guacamelee, but Ori was one I finished and loved. Thinking back to others I enjoyed makes me want to play Dust An Elysian Tale again.

  5. I知 loving Bloodstained. I知 about 10hrs in. Buy this so they make more.

    I知 tired of similar games ending up being that roguelike garbage.

  6. For those that have played/ beat Bloodstained, was the Milkionaire痴 Bane room locked for you? I fought it twice, and that was before warping to that place where the key is. The door wasnt locked for me. I also never got an ability from him. I did get the carpenter key and fought him. I知 reading I should have got ability shards from them, didnt get one from either.
    I wonder if that has something to do with the 1.02 patch, which I obviously cant install. Game has crashed twice on me, and graphics were glitching in the desert area. Playing on ps4.

  7. I googled it, it痴 a glitch because I知 not on 1.02 yet.
    Was reading about the patch, guess they nerfed your stats and made crafting more of an expensive chore. I知 well beyond the two chests that seem affected by the bug, so I知 going to stock up on the shit they increased the price of, and update. At worst I will be locked out of the last two locked rooms, but I can catch them on the NG+ I知 sure I値l do someday.

  8. Yeah, I'm waiting on that 1.02 patch to dig in.

  9. I put a few hours into the Switch version. It has to be the worst UE4 port on the Switch, and I'm really am not getting what everyone was jizzing themselves over.
    Where I play
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    I've changed my mind about Korian. Anyone that can piss off so many people so easily is awesome. You people are suckers, playing right into his evil yellow hands.

  10. Yeah the Switch port is not great. It plays fine, resolution is fine, but a lot of shaders are gone so everything looks a lot flatter and duller.

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