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Thread: Kickstarter's All-purpose Speculatory Thread of Dreams

  1. Kickstarter's All-purpose Speculatory Thread of Dreams

    It looks like Kickstarter is going to be a force of some sort in gaming for a while, but not all projects deserve a thread of their own. Valdis Story has promise, maybe, and it's not totally impossible that The Dead Linger will turn out to be the zombie game that rises above an over-saturated market's indifference while also living up to the developers ambitious plans. It's all speculation and wishful thinking until the games are done.


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    I'm gonna use it to record with Steve Albini. Just you wait.

  3. I'm gonna figure out a way to do as close to nothing as I can yet raise enough kickstarter cash to float me for a few years.
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  4. I wonder if any of these kickstarter deals have ever fallen through. I remember a certain magazine with subscriptions that didn't work out.

  5. A friend and I want to do a kickstarter that lets us fund other kickstarters.

    We're calling it Impeccable Taste.
    Boo, Hiss.

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    I want 250,000 to buy a tank. I'd probably settle for 60,000 for a half track.

    I could probably actually do this later in life if I A. Had a good garage and tools with a blog of restoration projects and B. the vehicle in question was rare and worth preserving. But you'd already need some kind of fan following before you could do it.

    If you removed the silliness of the tank, I think this formula would work for restoring most anything. You could do it with historical houses and cars and shit. But again, the person in question would need a following. Contributors might also want some sort of documentary too.

    I wonder if the Ghostbuster's firehouse could have been saved with something like this?

  7. Leisure Suit Larry. Should this get its own thread?

    This seems to be the previously announced LSL remake that was already in development, making this not nearly as exciting, but still, I hope it succeeds.

  8. The rumblings are that Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy are going to reunite for a new Space Quest sequel or (if they can't get the license) a similar space adventure game.

    That's pretty surprising there, I was under the impression there was some resentment between them and availability issues with Mark. They haven't worked together since Space Quest IV which was more than 20 years ago. I'd be beyond stoked for that.

  9. New Quest for Glory pls.

  10. Actually scratch that, Josh said the new Mark Crowe Scott Murphy thing won't be a kickstarter (or at least that's not the plan right now)

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