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Thread: Let's Reminisce: Sony Playstation

  1. The PlayStation had a shitload of awesome moments. A good one for me: Playing Elemental Gearbolt and reaching the fourth boss, which was an enormous flying battle fortress. The area was pretty much cleared out so all the processing power was just on this ship, and even then it was too big for the draw distance and would slowly take shape on-screen as you got closer to it. The combination of that and the lifebars building up across the screen to show off just how tough this thing was going to be was amazing to me.

    After that I was expecting that one day someone would make a game where they would cut out the background entirely (and just have like a skymap) to devote the entire system power to rendering a single gigantic boss. It would be fucking huge and amazing because it would be more than anyone could ever do while also rendering an environment, and you could fly around it and it would pretty much be the best boss ever. Still hasn't happened.

  2. That vid made me think of Darius Gaiden for whatever reason. I'm gonna go play it right now. <3

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  4. I know Thunder Force V had some creatures that looked like they were ripped from the Panzer Dragoon series, but I'm remembering seeing something like that in Elemental Gearbolt as well. Am I high?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by kingoffighters View Post
    Every system has a game that isn't too popular but I just love the hell out of (sounds like a topic idea!), and for the PlayStation it was One. Non-stop action, great special effects, smooth controls, giant bosses --- it was just an excellent action experience. I played it again last year and it still held up pretty well.

    Most of its games I will never touch again, but I will always have a soft spot for the PlayStation because at the time it did bring gaming to another level for me. Playing games like Crash Bandicoot, Twisted Metal, and Warhawk was like trying out video games again for the first time again. Quality experiences continued to roll out for me with Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Metal Gear Solid, Rally Cross, Need for Speed: High Stakes, Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, Persona --- the list goes on.

    Those were some good times.

  6. One was great. I'm pretty sure I only tried it out because GameFan sang its praises. I can remember thinking it garbage at first based on it's shitty cover art and because the only other game I knew from ASC was
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    Of course, another ASC game eventually won my heart as well and that was Mass Destruction. But I played that on Saturn.

    Which was better, One or Apocalypse?
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    I don't hold the Playstation in nearly as high regard as I probably should. my story is similar to SSJN's, except that my bud bought the Saturn at launch, while I got a Playstation a bit later when it had a price drop. Even though the Playstation was mine I prefered the Saturn. Later on I would buy my own Saturn and N64, and I kept playing the Saturn until the games dried up, messed with imports, and largely ignored the Playstation. Even worse, I hated the US game industry as a whole for siding with the wrong system. I very nearly quit gaming in this time period. It seems really silly to me now, and I missed a lot of great games as a result.

    I do have some really fond memories of the system though. I got Wing Commander 3, Street Fighter Alpha and Cyber Sled at first, and I played the hell out of them. Although not necessarily my favorite game on the system, the unique awesome game that sticks out in my mind is Parappa the Rapper. So, so good, I still bust it out on occasion.

  8. Ah, the days of FMV intros.

    A friend and I spent a lot of time searching stores for linkable games and Krazy Ivan was one of the first ones we both got copies of. I'd bring the TV from bedroom and hook it up in the living room so we could system link. Even though it was only a 27" tv, IT WEIGHED A TON! I couldn't play too much because first person games always made me motion sick.
    Many hours were spent racing away in Motor Toon Grand Prix, Ridge Racer Revolution (probably my least favorite of the psx ridge racers), and Burning Road (Daytona what?).
    Playstation was really the only system I ever system linked until the 360. I know the PS2 had the capability early on, but I don't think many games offered it. It was more of an Xbox feature.

  9. I had to cut this from the above post because we're only allowed one video per post ( since when?)

    Also: Complete FMV games!

    I got Fox Hunt around '99. I loved that game. I sold it a few years ago, and I sort of miss it. But not too much. It was cool, but the $$$ I got for it was more cool.

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    I never really wanted our psx. We got it because my big sister wanted it to play FF7. As far as i was concerned, it could go fuck its metaphysical hardware ass. I was still pissed about buying a fucking Saturn for Lunar CE and it being canceled.

    The system ended up getting put in my room because my two sisters couldn't do anything but game when it was in theirs (I was apparently the only child in my house smart enough to use pause).

    After that I slowly started getting games for it. Mostly shumps, SOTN, rpgs, etc. I got pretty much everything WD translated for the thing.

    the PSX is part of the reason the PS2 is one of the best systems made. If you go purely on game library, the PS2, SNES and Gen are easily tops.


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