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Thread: Posbit setting busted!

  1. Posbit setting busted!

    TNL just refused to load for a little bit. Came back afterwards and avatars and such are on the left instead of the top! Tried choosing the Legacy Postbit setting and then changed it back to no avail!

    This isn't just happening to me, is it?

  2. Thanks for telling me. An upgrade I was attempting hanged. The script is running now, but it will probably take more than an hour to finish. I'm not sure how that would force the legacy postbit, but I'm going to let the upgrade finish before I check further.

  3. Well, it turns out this script will be running for several more hours.

  4. that shouldn't be busted if it still works the way I made it work way the fuck back when

    e: well shit, the other thing that runs at the same time as that toggle doesn't seem to work either

    e2: That vBulletin Quality (tm)
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  5. I might be able to fix this tonight. Hang on, friends.

  6. I disabled everything except the core forum functionality and this problem persisted. I'll keep working on it, but I don't have a lot of time to do so tonight.


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