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Thread: Legacy

  1. Legacy

    It's always on now.

    It's terrible.

  2. I love it.

  3. When he says "legacy" does he mean the avatars and other stuff are on the left and the post is on the right?

    Because that's really the only way to read anything anywhere.

    EDIT: Also, LOL @ not seeing Chaoofnee's post.
    - calianaderderajhfjdjjdskk

  4. I got used to it in three seconds. Prefer it now.

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    I'd like to see bigger avatars now: 180x135 maybe. The achievement box is wider than the 160x100 avatars anyway. Use that space and encourage some more creativity.

  6. You slam the podcast, you get nothing.

    Seriously, though, I have a list of site changes longer than you would believe. Larger avatars wouldn't take long to implement, but I'm holding off on that change right now, pending other design considerations.

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    The podcast is named after the B-Team Castlevania and has the B-Team from TNL. There is something to be said for consistency.

  8. A mind is a terrible thing to close.

  9. Did Yoshi just call Mzo, Mechdeus, Nick and Chuck the B-Team?

    I mean bbobb and sleeve, sure, but come on now.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by FirstBlood View Post
    Did Yoshi just call Mzo, Nick and Chuck the B-Team?

    I mean bbobb, Mechdeus and sleeve, sure, but come on now.
    Lets fix that.


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