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Thread: Ys Thread: Ancient Ys Discussed Series

  1. Grin Ready for Ys V?

    I almost forgot about it. But now, Aeon Genesis has gotten the translation finished. The patch is in IPS format.

    Ys V: Kefin, Lost City of Sand translation project

    Finished in 2018: 20 games (AC: 10, PC: 3, PS4: 5, SCD: 1, Gen: 1)

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    Yes, but that usually makes any conversation confusing as hell.

  4. I don't see there being much danger of an actual conversation about this actually taking place...

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    It shouldn't be. System threads aren't for game discussions and are generally annoying once a system is actually released.

  6. Yeah, I would love to hear what everyone playing Celceta thinks about it by heading to an OT thread. Feels messy to jump in the hardware threads and fish the conversations out.

    I'm not far in it, which is a little depressing considering how much I want to play it all the time, but life things are getting in the way (like cleaning and eating, I never did this before). I just reached the moment where (I hope spoiler tags still work here aaaand-a-go) You cross into the 'Primeval Lands and find out it's just a high tech village Adol has passed and everyone thinks you're like super dead.

    Personally really love the game. The story is believe it or not less cheesy than the one in Seven and I still really liked Seven. I forget if it was finch or Compass, I think it was Compass, who completely hated the font for it (of all complaints). I'd semi-agree but it's less annoying here (it reminds me of Arial Narrow).

    What they added to the combat system I already loved is great. Dodge and Guard, but executing them on the moment of peril to cause a Flash Move or Flash Evade where you either get critical hits, more loot or higher dmg rates with cool Alpha 2-like blue aftershadows. No Dogi in this game, but they still typecast the big guy as the big dope (only this one is into profiteering so it makes him seem less...bland). Once you get Phoenix Kick for him, ouuuuuuf, it just feels so delicious.

    No real complaints here, but I really wish there were less incentives on doing sidequests and more dungeons. Still love the game.

    By the way, Ys Seven is on sale on PSN for $7.49 and it is hella worth it if this game even remotely interests you. Clearly less aesthetically pleasing than Celceta but the love is still there.

  7. It was me. XSeed is straight up font-retarded. All their PSP Falcom games, and now this one, have awful fonts. I got into it a bit with the main localizer dude on the GameFAQs TitS board. He's a straight shooter, but he actually admitted he prefers fixed-width fonts, and saw nothing wrong with any XSeed had used thus far. Needless to say we did not reach an agreement, and while Celceta is not nigh-unreadable a la TitS, the font sticks out like a sore ass.

    I also don't like the giant selection boxes for dialog. I guess they made 'em that way for easy touchscreen use, but it's tacky.

  8. TitS really does have an atrocious font. I was distracted by it the entire way through.

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