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Thread: Ys Thread: Ancient Ys Discussed Series

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    It doesn't hurt that although Ys 1 has been remade a million times we've only seen it a few times on this side of the pond, and they were always dramatic updates.

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    Also, Popful Mail is the shit.

  3. I'm still waiting for someone to complete that English patch for Mega Drive Sorcerian.

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    Sorcerian seems great, I always wanted to try the Dreamcast one.

  5. After Origin goes on Steam, I'm hoping for Xanadu Next, Trails in the Sky (probably will happen), and Napishtim to follow.

    While Trails is a turn-based RPG I do like its particular battle system, especially with AT Delays, grid movement, and S-Breaks.
    I did buy the iOS Sorcerian, but it's currently in Japanese only- surely English should be added with an update. While the iTunes app page does mistakenly list the game language as English, Aeria Games says that they have "applied to the App Store for text correction".

    Here's a bit of news I liked reading, especially since the PSP is starting to get pushed aside by the Vita. Hopefully the sales numbers on Steam versions will drive Falcom back into the PC market.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Berry, publishing director at Xseed
    If this takes off and we feel confident about taking on larger projects where we oversee the localization programming, then The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky would be the next logical step as we already have the English script from the PSP release, just like we did with Ys: The Oath in Felghana. If things work out as we hope they will, perhaps Steam will become the ideal platform on which to try to continue the Trails in the Sky series.

    As for luring Falcom back to PC development, that is something that they will have to decide on their own based on the sales numbers, but my personal guess is that they would love to come back to PC development if they see a viable market for it.
    Falcom does have their own download versions being sold at Vector, DMM, or other DL retailers. Most games including Sora no Kiseki FC (neither TC nor the 3rd are listed yet), all Ys games, and Xanadu Next are 3990 yen each (nearly $50).

    Finished in 2018: 20 games (AC: 10, PC: 3, PS4: 5, SCD: 1, Gen: 1)

  6. Just beat Ys II! Man, Felghana's going to be fun.

    I actually have two copies of this now. Went to buy the PSP LE of Felghana at GameStop and their credit card reader was busted. All the while, the clerk is bugging me to buy a used copy AND the LE and keep it sealed because these things make money! I've been down that road before, though, and wasn't quite agreeing. So, I waltz to the bank to grab cash, walk back, and he GIVES ME a used copy with it so that I might reconsider his position. I feel obliged to keep the other one sealed.

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    Anyone play the US DOS version of Ys?

  8. The Steam version of The Oath in Felghana was just patched with full widescreen support.

  9. So, I beat Felghana on the PSP. It was really fun! Far exceeded my expectations!

    I started playing Napishtim on the PSP.
    ...I want Felghana back.

    I realize Felghana was using a much more optimized version of the Ys VI engine and all and improves on pretty much everything. Still, this is a REALLY bad port. Felghana is also paced FAR better. JUST difficult enough without needing hyper-grinding. Grinding seems to be the only way to really get ahead in Ys VI, though. Fooey.

    What's the best way to play Ys IV and V besides waiting for inevitable remakes?

  10. Alright, I'm sick of running to the next area and doing 0 damage to things like the game is shouting "GRIND! GRIND!" in my ear.

    This is the Worst. How many of you have actually beaten Napishtim?

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