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Thread: Republique (iOS, PC, Mac)

  1. Video games I want are way cooler than charities.

    I haven't seen a kickstarter that I've been interested in since the Double Fine thing, though.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Joust Williams View Post
    If you're going to ask for money before you actually do something, then I think people are entitled to say something that doesn't mean anything either.
    It depends on the Kickstarter. The ones that have gotten the most attention are from people who have done something, and people have faith in them doing something again. Brian Fargo and Tim Shafer are going to produce. The really nice pen I funded had reviews of prototypes out there. Valdis Story has enough done that it's both looking pretty sharp and I've got no reason to think it won't turn into something worth having. I'd never recommend "I have a dream!" Kickstarters, but there's tons out there that have enough to show that it's ok to fund with a fair amount of confidence.

    For other projects, I'm very tempted to toss these guys $10. I like what they're doing, and they make my section of the world a more interesting place to be. It's more than just "I'll give you this if you give me that", sometimes it's just nice to see something that should exist, actually exist.

    Also, and this is important- try to make sense or stop talking. There's enough words cluttering up the world already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by James View Post
    I see that argument a lot- Kickstarter gets $X while charity gets $X/2. It's right up there with "You spend all this time playing games when you could be ______."
    Fair enough. But if you're not doing either, you're an asshole.

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    First episode on December 19, also planned for PC and Mac (please update thread title).

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    Remastered (PC and Mac versions) coming February 26

    I wasn't a fan of the way they implemented the touch controls, so I'm curious how they've been reworked.


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