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Thread: David Lynch's Crazy Clown Time

  1. David Lynch's Crazy Clown Time

    I apologize if this has made its way around the forums before, but I did a quick search.

    Anyway, I'd consider myself certainly a fan of a lot of David Lynch's work, and this is no exception. In fact, it's pretty fucking awesome, in that David Lynch way of "wow, this is cool. Oh, my god, I'm not sure if I like it. No, wait, I think I do. Wow, I love it. ... I think."

    P.S. It's only one track from a whole album of wonderful nonsense.

  2. The music's good enough, but the vocals are fucking stupid in form and content.

    I'll just stick to Tom Waits doing everything well.
    There's a good chance I'm drunk right now.

    8=/==D ~ ~ ~

  3. I have a feeling that this is David Lynch's reinterpretation of something he witnessed/experienced. Although the vocals do detract from the badassness of the instrumentation itself, I find them thematic.

  4. I have a feeling it's David Lynch's reinterpretation of an 8 yr old's account of a grown up's party.
    my nuts

  5. thumbs up all around!
    my nuts


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