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Thread: Pandora's Tower

  1. Pandora's Tower

    Due out in Europe this month and rumored to see a US release as a Gamestop exclusive. Probably the last Nintendo published Wii game I'd expect to see in the US as half of it boils down to a date sim where you feed monster flesh to your companion. The other half is a action-RPG where besides hacking and slashing with a sword, the Wiimote pointer is used to launch a chain that binds enemies and allows object manipulation.

  2. Of "The Big Three" that fans wanted localized, this one is easily objectively the worst. From what I've seen and played of it personally, it's a "pretty" but mediocre action RPG that tries to find a vibe between God of War and...a JRPG? I dunno. It actually kind of reminded me of Nier.

  3. I had to look this thread up because WRONG.

    It's not a jrpg like the other two, it's a Zelda, and it gets really good at about the 3rd dungeon. Like they let you have your fun and all for the first two dungeons, and then at the third one they go, "OH, OKAY, YOU THINK YOU KNOW HOW TO PLAY, RIGHT?" and then you have all your equipment broken and get really upset, but then you go back and try it again and you can do it because you LEARNED.
    It's a really good game. It's not "AS GOOD" as Xenoblade at being a giant fucking thing or "AS GOOD" at having Syrenne and Lowell as Last Story is, but it's much better at being a crazy ass feeder Zelda game. Like they're all really good games, Pandora's Tower included, and they're all their own thing, like choosing between cookies, cartoons, and mopeds. i just wish you could feed cake to Elena instead of nasty looking chunks of meat where she's trying not to puke the entire time. I mean, it's still hot.


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    I'd play if it not for lol having to import an englais game.
    (and if I could play it on my wii uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu)

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    I've been thinking about it, I was pretty much waiting for someone else to play and tell me it's good.

    I have to continue to wait, as Finch hates Super Nintendo and Neo Geo and thus his opinions are invalid.

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  7. NeoGeo Pocket Color is better than NeoGeo

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    I don't necessarily agree, but the argument does hold merit, and the quality to crap ratio of the handheld is much better than the console.

    Also, Gals Fighters.
    Quote Originally Posted by EvilMog View Post
    Screw being smart. This is TNL.

  9. It sucks that some of the most forward concepts Nintendo bothered to greenlight (this and Fatal Frame) were unworthy of US release or had to be fought tooth and nail for like Xenoblade and Last Story. So yeah, that's why you can stick the Wii U.

  10. Real. To be honest, though, the "feeding girl monster flesh so she doesn't turn into a monster" doesn't sound like a Nintendo game, and i'm kind of suspecting that the meat is made of PEOPLE. I do wish XSeed had gotten a hold of it. It's one of those games that isn't going to win awards, but it has enough that makes it really different and often bizzarre to make it stand out from just about everything else on the Wii, and from the entire last gen for that matter.
    As rough around the edges as it is sometimes, the dungeons and the bosses are really fantastic. Nintendo should let Ganbarion in on dungeon design on the next Zelda.


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