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Thread: Looper

  1. Looper

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt.

    Director of Brick: Rian Johnson

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  2. I'm in. Loved Brick, Brothers Bloom and his episode of Breaking Bad.

    The CG to try and make JGL look like a young Bruce Willis is weirding me out though.

  3. Holy shit which Bad did he do?? Fucking loved Brick.
    much want . . so believe

  4. Fly
    look here, upon a sig graveyard.

  5. Ah! Obvious episode is obvious. This trailer looks rad.
    much want . . so believe

  6. I'm in for this as well. Love Brick.

    Quote Originally Posted by dave is ok View Post
    The CG to try and make JGL look like a young Bruce Willis is weirding me out though.
    Prosthetics, dude. Prosthetics. I know it's hard to believe these days.

    Just think, they’ve got an actor for a president, economic advisers called ‘projectionists’, even their latest defense strategy is named after a film: Star Wars. And why pick on that one? Why not something gentler like Kramer vs. Kramer?

  7. Just found out about this flick, I'm in too.

  8. GO SEE THIS. I loved it. Like every bit of it. Awesome direction, the cast rules and while this is going to read like a terrible sound bite, it's a great breath of fresh air. Nothing else like this out there right now. The trailer shows but doesn't describe a huge portion of the movie. It satisfies that Sci-Fi itch that Prometheus completely missed.
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  9. This movie is fantastic. That is all.

  10. It's a very good movie with some amazing performances...hell, it's the most alive I've seen Bruce Willis in years. I thought the farm sequence kinda slowed the pace down to a crawl for a bit, but overall, a very enjoyable, well-written and intelligent movie with some impressive action sequences.

    Oh, and that young Seth/old Seth scene early on was fucking chilling. Ugh!
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