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Thread: Looper

  1. Looper

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt.

    Director of Brick: Rian Johnson

    look here, upon a sig graveyard.

  2. I'm in. Loved Brick, Brothers Bloom and his episode of Breaking Bad.

    The CG to try and make JGL look like a young Bruce Willis is weirding me out though.

  3. Holy shit which Bad did he do?? Fucking loved Brick.

  4. Fly
    look here, upon a sig graveyard.

  5. Ah! Obvious episode is obvious. This trailer looks rad.

  6. I'm in for this as well. Love Brick.

    Quote Originally Posted by dave is ok View Post
    The CG to try and make JGL look like a young Bruce Willis is weirding me out though.
    Prosthetics, dude. Prosthetics. I know it's hard to believe these days.
    Fire will damage Jason the most, so don't use it! He's so happy.

  7. Just found out about this flick, I'm in too.

  8. GO SEE THIS. I loved it. Like every bit of it. Awesome direction, the cast rules and while this is going to read like a terrible sound bite, it's a great breath of fresh air. Nothing else like this out there right now. The trailer shows but doesn't describe a huge portion of the movie. It satisfies that Sci-Fi itch that Prometheus completely missed.
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  9. This movie is fantastic. That is all.

  10. It's a very good movie with some amazing performances...hell, it's the most alive I've seen Bruce Willis in years. I thought the farm sequence kinda slowed the pace down to a crawl for a bit, but overall, a very enjoyable, well-written and intelligent movie with some impressive action sequences.

    Oh, and that young Seth/old Seth scene early on was fucking chilling. Ugh!
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