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Thread: Did You Throw Out Your Old Gaming Boxes and Manuals?

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Fe 26 View Post
    A lot of those towards the end of big boxed pc games were not much better than cereal boxes with a shitty photocopied manual and some cds in paper sleeves
    I don't think they ever were except they had manuals at one point. I did save the manuals, but I think they got lost in a move at some point.

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    I remember really old shit like battletech coming in a thick cardboard box with a nice big manual with all sorts of things in it. But this was back in the disket or floppy era

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    does steam have that? I haven't played battletech in ages

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post
    Unless there was a sale, he saved a whopping $5.
    That company is such shit. America loves them.
    I saved $10. It retails $41.99 here, and I got it for $31.99.

    And it's not as if I'm flush with options. There are two Gamestops on the island, and no mom and pop joints. Amazon wants $8 to ship a game here (even though USPS doesn't charge more than shipping to, say, Texas, and most other companies don't pull that shit). So GameStop it is.

    Their B2G1 sales on used games are pretty sweet, too.
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  6. I kept mine in near mint condition, until a few years ago when I traded them all for a little bag of toot.
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