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Thread: Anime Springsummerfall 20XX

  1. Kill la Kill - This was fun, but about 2-3 times as long as it needed to be. Would've been a good movie or two; as is there's way too many recycled jokes and plot points. Doubt I'll ever watch this again.

  2. Recent anime viewing recommendations:

    My Hero Academia continues to be awesome. Nuff said.

    Megalo Box is the absolute shit. It's like Cowboy Bebop had a baby with Rocky. If that sounds remotely appealing to you, go watch it right now, you won't regret it. (Oh and apparently it's actually a sci-fi reimagining of a classic boxing manga called Ashita no Joe, created to celebrate its 50th anniversary.) Available on Crunchyroll/VRV.

    Wotakoi: Love is Hard For Otaku is the best romantic comedy anime I've seen since Ore Monogatari (a.k.a. My Love Story). Like that show, it dispenses with the usual "will they/won't they" right out of the gate and actually builds the show around a relationship in progress. The protagonist is a 26-year-old (iirc) office lady who had to leave her previous job when it got out that she's a yaoi fangirl and everything got awkward, including her boyfriend dumping her. She's settling into her new job, her secret tightly under wraps, when who should turn out to be a coworker but a male childhood friend she hasn't seen since middle school (because of course he is, this is anime after all), who is a game otaku, isn't remotely trying to hide it, and asks her right in the hallway in front of two other coworkers if she's going to comiket. Naturally they end up dating (and we find out the other two coworkers already are, and are also otaku, the girl being an internet-famous cosplayer the protagonist is a fan of); hilarity and warm-fuzzies ensue. Available on Amazon Prime Video.

    Aggretsuko is another show about a 20-something office lady, only this time she's a red panda (because it's a Sanrio production) who hates her job and copes with the resulting frustrations by going to a karaoke lounge and singing death metal. Yes, I assure you you read every part of that correctly; workplace dissatisfaction and the angriest form of rock both exist in the Hello Kitty universe. Available on Netflix.

    Violet Evergarden is a very high quality show for when you feel like working up the motivation to slash your wrists. It's set in the aftermath of a war in which the eponymous lead character was an orphan made into a child soldier, who in one of the final battles of the war lost the commander who was the only person to ever show her any kindness, and also both of her arms. But that's cool, because like Fullmetal Alchemist, this world has advanced robot prosthetics even though the tech level is roughly Victorian otherwise. So equipped with shiny new clickety-clackety metal arms, she gets a job as an "auto-memories doll", which is a weird setting-specific term for "letter writer" justified by a convoluted yet kinda throw-away backstory; she and her colleagues serve the postal composition needs of illiterate clients as well as those ill-equipped to put their feelings into words, so each episode is a vignette delving into the emotional tale of one of Violet's customers, as well as providing gradually unfolding glimpses into her own tragic past. Available on Netflix.
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