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Thread: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (3DS, PC, PS3, PSV, 360, Wii U)

  1. Oh shit day one. <3 the first one.

    Ristar better be more than a cameo this time!

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    Ugh. I think the price I'm willing to pay for this just dropped $10.

  3. That could have been Jo Musashi on horseback. Fuck you, Sega.

  4. Sega always finds a way to shit its pants.

  5. Joe Musashi IS in the game...

    The Danica Patrick thing is a terrible bit of marketing. In retaliation I think I'll... just not use her.

    No promises on playing as Wreck-It-Ralph. I'm all over that.

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    Wow. I am ecstatic that this turned out this well. I stick by my earlier comments regarding Danica Patrick's inclusion, however. That mistake is mentioned in the review too.

  7. Getting this out there before the inevitable Mario Kart U and making sure that it's good is the best business decision Sega has made in years.

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    That's a pretty low bar, but you're dead on.

  9. Oh dag I'm so psyched now. I was pretty set on the mindset that this would be a guilty pleasure. Now, though, it could be great! At $40 even!

  10. Something to make up for the Danica Patrick mess:


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