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Thread: Free Comic Book Day 2015 -TOMORROW

  1. Does one still "need" to read every (insert character here) issue each month to have any idea what is going on?
    I hate that.

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    Way worse, now you have to read every supporting character's book to even vaguely understand what's happening. Last two Batman storylines I tried to read jumped through so much shit, dunno if Marvel are less cunty about it.
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  3. They arent.

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    Yeah, so fuck comics.

  5. I buy physical trades once in a while and then buy certain single issues here and there on Comixology, plus use Marvel Digital Unlimited... I'm never bored I don't mind having to read so much since that's what I planned on doing anyway, might as well make it all "work together." It's expensive, but I also do not care about being current.... if I'm reading something from 2007 because I just didn't keep up, I'm ok with that.
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  6. Hey, what was the name of that "realistic" Transformers/GI Joe crossover from a while back?

  7. This maybe?

  8. Actually, it's probably this.

  9. The second one, yeah. Thanks!

  10. FCBD 2013 is today. Tell your friends.


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