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Thread: Free Comic Book Day 2015 -TOMORROW

  1. This is tomorrow.

  2. That's not what the title told me!

  3. So god damned needy.

  4. I'm going. Shop I'm heading to has a TON of crazy guests, too.

    Scott Snyder 10am-1pm
    James Tynion IV 10am-1pm
    Marguerite Bennett 10am-1pm

    Cory Smith 1pm-3pm
    Annie Wu 1pm-3pm

    Charles Soule 3pm-6pm
    Jordan D. White 3pm-6pm

    Sean Chen 5pm-6pm

  5. Nice, Third Eye has shit guests this year, but has had Charles Soule, Scot Snyder, Gail Simone, etc in the past.

    Can't win them all.


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