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Thread: Free Comic Book Day 2015 -TOMORROW

  1. Free Comic Book Day 2015 -TOMORROW

    This thread is late. Go get some free comics and throw them away.

  2. Or mail them to me, because I'll totally read them.

  3. It's right down the street!

  4. I'll be going as I have gone every year since I was in college (early 2000's) I love it and I always end up getting other stuff too. Also, Comixology still has free stuff too!
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  5. I bought two TMNT comics for $6 and a large stack of whatever the fuck.

  6. Nice! Did you find out what I'm looking for?

  7. I did not, but I will.

  8. #9
    Comixology or bust, I'm done buying flimsy, unwieldly $5 physical pieces of narrative.
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  9. I got two TMNT joints for $5. I don't mind. I still have bags and boards at my parents house from 15 years ago.

    P.S. Transformers Autocracy looks like it's gonna be srs.


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