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Thread: Overheard at Work

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    Overheard at Work

    Share some of the silly shit that goes on at the job.

    I just had a grown ass man in here telling me how his friend in Japan updated the cell processor in his PS2 and now it run PS1, PS2, and PS3 games with higher graphic fidelity than a PS3 could ever produce.
    I'm used to hearing kids spouting this crap. But this was a Grown. Ass. Man.
    Grey in his beard and everything.

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    People talk about TNL where you work?

    It didn't bug me. It astounded me.

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    ohhhh, you're trolling.
    Carry on then.

  6. Stop talking to yourself.

  7. "How can I be overdrawn, I still have checks!"
    This was a few years ago, but yeah. It was a grown woman, functioning member of society etc.

  8. My boss thinks that the reason her man cheated on her is because the other woman put a spell on him.

  9. I see people complaining about sugar content in one kind of juice while they are buying another kind of juice with the same amount of sugar.

    Juice has sugar, obviously. Go fuck yourselves idiots. Thank god I only supervise the people who have to deal with them directly and I can hide in my office.

  10. People forget that fruit has sugar in it naturally.


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