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Thread: Let's Reminisce: Sega Saturn

  1. I have way more history with the Saturn than I do the PS1. I got mine during Christmas of '96, when it was bundled with Daytona USA, VF2, and Virtua Cop. Loved all three, shitty Daytona visuals and all. Of course, the US releases dried up, but the system got me started with imports as a kid due to magazines talking about Japanese Saturn games and Electronics Boutique occasionally selling them (got Thunderforce V new for $15, that was cool). I'd also blind-buy a lot of cheap crap at local stores as the system was dying (Black Fire, Scorcher, and Virtual Hydelide, to name a few).

    It really does excel in arcade game ports (as Yoshi said, MAME has definitely done the most damage to Saturn's library of home exclusives), and I had most of the Sega-released ones during the system's life. Loved Virtual On, the Virtua Cop games, all of the 3D fighters, and Die Hard Arcade. I missed out on a lot of the non-Sega arcade ports, but the ones that I've tried are solid.

    The console didn't have the worst original lineup. Guardian Heroes with friends is pretty great. I have good memories of Shining the Holy Ark and Shining Force 3, despite finishing neither of them. Burning Rangers is definitely a better game than NiGHTS, even if I wouldn't have admitted it five or six years ago. I plowed through Panzer Dragoon Saga as soon as I got it (awesome presentation, awesome setting). I think I got one of the endings in Dark Savior, but I might have to go back and play some more of it. The two Gun Griffon games have really cool controls and mech designs (loved sliding around while managing torso rotation). Bulk Slash is an impressive-looking third person shooter, with its busy and colorful stages.

    There's still a lot that I need to dig through. Next up is most likely Deep Fear, and I'm really looking forward to playing through Assault Suit Leynos 2 and Shinrei Jusatsushi Taroumaru. I have all my Saturn games at my apartment, but the system is at my parent's house and I've only ever had composite cables for the thing, so the next Saturn game I play will probably be emulated.
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    You bringing up emulation reminded me of another reason I am leaning toward starting collecting Saturn stuff again instead of something else. Its games aren't available anywhere else legally. PS1, PS2, PC Engine, and Neo Geo games are coming to PS3. Essentially everything pre-32-bit, along with the N64, is trickling onto Virtual Console. A lot of big DC games are coming to PSN/XBLA. GC games are coming to the Wii U. But the Saturn stuff is largely stuck there except for a couple recent Treasure XBLA ports.

  3. Oh Jesus, Dark Savior.
    Game Fan had me soo ramped up for that game!
    I loved Landstalker, and couldn't wait to try it. When I did get it, I didn't care for it. I think it was too hard for me. I still have it. I'll try it again. Someday.

  4. I played the PlayStation more, but I was always fond of the Saturn. I didn't get one until it dropped to around $200. It's the only system I bought that didn't have "that one game" that I had to play. I just liked that it had a lot of good 2D games, especially shooters. Domestically, the 2D action wasn't too bad with games like Guardian Heroes, Shinobi Legions, Galactic Attack, Dark Savior, and Magic Knight Rayearth, but the import scene really did make the library a lot better. And I would always get the Saturn version of any multi-platform 2D game, like Street Fighter Alpha, Mega Man 8, Rayman, etc.

    I didn't care too much for the 3D games except for a few like the Panzer Dragoon series, Nights into Dreams..., Shining the Holy Ark, and Duke Nukem 3D (because it was such a good port). I wasn't much into the AM2 games and Burning Rangers didn't grab me because I played it late and kept wishing it had dual analog controls. 3D multi-platform games were almost always better on the PlayStation, which is where I played those.

    One big thing about the Saturn for me is that since it wasn't big with my friends (or much of the general public), I always felt like it was a very personal experience for me when I played it. No one else wanted to play anything on it. It was only games that I liked and I played. I don't know if I'd say it's one of my favorite systems, but it's given me some of my best gaming memories. And there's still a lot on my shelf and out there that I haven't even touched yet.

  5. I was never able to play FPS much without getting motion sickness, but I still managed to spend some time with Powerslave and Duke Nukem.
    I only played Duke a few times with the netlink. Got my ass handed to me every time!
    I was much better with Virtual On (yeah, I had the sticks) and Sega Rally.

    I'd love to do a TNL netlink bomberman! But I have neither dial up access nor even a land line. Oh well.

  6. Also: Think there's any chance for an HD Fighters Megamix? I recall how for a long time after that, there was talk of a Racers Megamix. Considering how many great racing games Sega has made over the years, I really wish that would have happened.

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    Probably not, as the gaming public in general doesn't remember Fighting Vipers or Megamix. It's a shame too, I always loved the way Megamix played, but it was pretty ugly even at release.

    I still don't get one thing. Virtua Fighter 2 was the best looking home console game for a very, very long time on any system, and it ran at 60 FPS on the system with weaker 3D. What gives? It's like, I played it and thought, "Wow, the next generation looks AWESOME." and then nothing else (not even from Sega) was even close outside of the arcade.

  8. VF remix?

    Edit: right, VF2!
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  9. What was really weird was that they went from VF1 (which was a glitchy mess, although it played right) to VFR to VF2 in the span of like, 8 months.

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    That is a series that I have wanted to get into for a really long time, but getting start is tough with limited time (and an MMO *cough*).


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