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Thread: Let's Reminisce: Sega Saturn

  1. The Vampire collection on PS2 is too good. You can actually select in the options the specific rom version that you want to play. Display and training mode options are really impressive as well.

  2. i'd rather play Strikers and Garegga in MAME than on a Saturn, tbh.

  3. Tits in strikers. Nipples under stars. Got damn.

  4. The other endings are just as good. Lots of chicks that look like they're 12 or 13, and even a guy lol

    Edit: technically one of the chicks is listed as being 15. Good ol' Japan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post
    It was the other way around as far as transparencies went.
    Grandia Sega Saturn vs Grandia Playstation
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  6. Wipeout saturn vs wipeout psx.
    Programmers found work arounds, but it was well documented that the saturn sucked when it came to tranparencies.

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    This is a poor example but notice the transparencies.

  8. Whatever. Silly me thinking youd drop the gimmick.

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    The controller felt and handled better plus 3 letters RAM.

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    I think i remember the tech guys on Sega-16 arguing about Saturn vs Ps transparency effects and iirc Saturn could do better 2D transparencies in the hands of an awesome programmer who could utilize the multiple processors properly, but in real world practice that was nobody but Sega. SOTN is usually given as the example , but let's face it, the saturn version blew.

    But who gives a shit about transparencies?


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