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Thread: Official NES/ SNES Classic Thread

  1. Really. I love the exploration, and it doesn't send you all the way back to the beginning when you die, like the other NES CV games. The bosses suck, true, but the game has a charm all its own. Awesome levels, incredible music, RPG elements - all with the traditional CV style of gameplay. I really wish we'd get a new entry like this.

  2. La la la

  3. I know it's not the same, but I'm quite sure most people would say the Metroidvanias are the spiritual successors to CV2. I want to see another game like CV3: a lot of action before you get to the castle.

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    Those people are just trying to justify the existence of the ass end of the series.

  5. Haters gonna hate.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Brisco Bold View Post
    a lot of action before you get to the castle.
    Ever played Order of Ecclesia?

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    That's like asking someone who is hungry if they have eaten any celery. CV3 is probably the second best game in the series.

  8. I can't wait to play it. I've honestly not spent a lot of time with it (even with Emulators, since there was something wonky with it if I remember.) and it's on the way.

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    I should play CV3 as well. I didn't get the cart originally until after the demise of my NES, and I've only popped it in once since I got it fixed. It was awesome, I need to play more.

  10. I had a master system when i was a kid, but every once in a while moms would let me rent an nes and a couple games for the weekend from the local place. It was always Castlevania 3 and something random.
    I played the shit out of Castlevania, but since they didnt give you instructions in those days and i would never randomly press buttons in the middle of a game, i had no idea that you could switch characters. I can recall getting to spots where there was no way of getting anywhere and being pissed off. Later on i found out that you could switch to alucard and grant and make use of their abilities and was all Well now that makes sense!

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