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Thread: Official NES/ SNES Classic Thread

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post

    All of this talk is going to make me break out my NES. I imagine it will look like Satan's butthole on my hdtv. Can anyone confirm?
    Just use an emulator. I have a modded Xbox 1 jam packed with games. It looks and plays a shitload better with the S controller.

  2. I was at a local hole in the wall that I sometimes frequent and picked up some Intendo tapes for resale.
    The way this guy does shit is that everything is one price. Nes and Snes games are all $5 . He will usually hook me up and sell me stuff for $3 a pop if I buy a few things. He tends to save to better stuff for eBay, but every once in a while some decent stuff slips through.
    So I gather these:

    and he says. "ah, give me $25."
    "Cool", I say.
    "I've got some rarer stuff in a box in the back. You want to take a look at it?"
    "Of course I do!"
    So he disappears into the back and comes out with a small box. His "rare" stuff is shit like Kid Niki, Bayou Billy, Disney Magical Kingdom. Mostly shit that isn't rare at all.
    But there were a few good titles in there. I pulled these out:

    and asked what he would want for them. I was hoping for an average of $8 a pop at most.
    I nearly shit myself.
    I'd put it in the haul thread, but I'm not keeping them. Just had a nice deal I wanted to brag about.

    edit: There are some titles people may scratch their heads about. Duck Hunt for instance. Last week I had a guy trade in a lot of empty nes boxes. They had everything in them but the games. Duck Hunt was one of them, and I didn't have a loose cart to throw in it. Now I do.
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  3. Gimme that gad dang Contra.

  4. shit, what I sell that for pays for the rest of the ones in that picture.
    But since you're so kind to me and have never carded me, pm your address.

  5. #135
    Send him that Athena, too. Make him suffer.
    My Backloggery

  6. Like G did?

  7. This is only the beginning

  8. Dont come! Dont come!

  9. There was nothing we could do.

  10. Man went to far, man did too much

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