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Thread: Official NES/ SNES Classic Thread

  1. Unless you want to do fancy shit, you never really have to use arcane commands.

    Download one of those, then you setup a FTP and upload all the games.
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    I'm of the firm opinion that if you can't load the Retropie yourself you probably shouldn't be using it. I don't mean that as some elitist bullshit, but it's not really plug and play, you'll run into a problem sooner or later and be stuck if you don't know what to do.

    If you want ease of use, get a Retro Freak and load it up.

  3. Got my UK system, oh so much prettier.
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  4. picked mine up at the post office yesterday, already put more time into it than I ever did the nes one

    the rewind feature is damn handy for old man reflexes like mine, had to bust it out a bunch playing through smw so I didn't need to backtrack for a blue yoshi

  5. Friend on scored me a system at retail so I'm just paying for S&H.
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    Very nice. I had a pcefx homie hook me up, I should get mine today.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by GohanX View Post
    Super Castlevania isn't as good as you remember after playing Bloodlines and Rondo. It has awesome music and atmosphere though.
    QFT. I still love it, though.

    Also, Amazon is shipping my fight commander controller next week so I'm stoke about that. Thought I was gonna have to wait till the end of the month.

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    I just got my classic. This thing is fantastic.
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  9. I still have my SNES, so the only reason I want one besides novelty is Star Fox 2. I'm not playing in Nintendo's hype shenanigans, though. If I happen upon one in a store and the mood strikes me... maybe.

  10. There are hundreds of these things on Amazon at $170 and one at $130 that apparently has still not been snapped up. The demand for it is not what the scalpers think it is. Any word on a restock?

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