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Thread: Official NES/ SNES Classic Thread

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    Official NES/ SNES Classic Thread

    It seems that there has been a lot of NES stuff being acquired and played on TNL lately, so let's talk about it!

    I system hop all the time, but now that I have a working NES I keep it near the TV, and a small stack of games on a coffee table. I have the bad habit of playing through the same games I've always played, such as Punch Out, and I have picked up several new games thanks to the opening of a local store, but many of them I have not played yet.

    On Friday, I was casually playing through Ninja Gaiden 2, not playing particularly well, but when I reached the last three bosses I somehow managed to beat all three without dying. I was abusing the hell out of my boomerang star subweapon (and making sure I had one shot left for the last boss's head) and having the shadow ninjas do most of the work for me, but that was satisfying. I also played through Megaman 3 and LOLed when I beat the second form of the last boss in one hit with the useless top spin, I had never done it before.

    So how about you?
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  2. SEGA!

  3. I got an AV-modded Famicom a week ago, just before moving. It's a little yellowed, but it works great. Video output destroys the clone system I was using, I didn't even realize how off it was. Looks great on the SDTV. Got an FC to NES adapter to play my handful of NES games, too, though I don't plan on getting too many more NES games.

    I recently played through the awesome Street Fighter 2010 and the pretty cool Ninja Ryukenden 3, but those were back on the clone system. My girlfriend has been grabbing US and Famicom Lolo/Eggerland carts that she's planning on playing through (she was about halfway through US 3 before Ys 7 put it on hiatus), and I recently picked up Startropics and Crystalis. I'll probably start the former first.

    Lots of new shit that I want to play this month and next month, though, so it will be a bit.

  4. Last month I got a toaster NES from a local game store, and I was really happy that it came with a dog bone controller. The store is also a shop, and they had cleaned and re-aligned the pins, so clean games read instantly. I've been on something of a tear lately, buying cheap games where I can find them.

    Recently, I've been playing Whomp 'Em, a platformer featuring a Native American. It's pretty standard stuff, but the graphics and music are excellent, and the gameplay is very tight. I tried Faxanadu, but the insanely long password just makes me want to sigh. Gargoyle's Quest II is some awesome stuff though! Short password and a a kind restart system!

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    The NES is the most frustrating, pain in the ass system to get to output good video. This is because only the Famicom Titler and a couple of the arcade incarnations actually are capable of RGB. You have to take the PPU from one of those and mod the toaster or AV Famicom, and, even then, the toaster still typically gives interference. It makes me wish everything, especially the great licensed games like Duck Tales, would just come to VC.

    Also: systems whose games came in cardboard boxes suck. I can't stomach cart only games!
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  6. Yeah, the cardboard boxes do blow. I can do cart only, though.

    well, cart only except for batman:

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    Yeah, all the Namco (or Namcot at the time) Famicom stuff has nice cases too.

  8. My favourite nintender tape is 76in1.

  9. I'm perfectly OK with loose carts. Trying to find complete NES games would take forever and cost a fortune.

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    Melf is right about the dogbone controller, it is godly. Hopefully I'll never use the rectangular pad again. It's the best pad Nintendo ever made.

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