Looking to clear out my closet. My loss is your gain!

All games the Japanese version and ship from Japan via EMS or air mail (if we have dealt before).

Payment via Paypal +4%.

$10 Escape from Monster Manor
$25 Return Fire

$35 Bonanza Bros no obi
$55 Devil Crash
$15 Dynastic Hero no obi (aka Wonder Boy V)
$40 Gate of Thunder no obi
$15 P-47

$10 Cosmo Warrior Zero w/obi (Taito 3D action)

$10 Croket! w/obi (Konami 2D action)

$10 Front Mission 2 1st print w/obi
$35 Gunners Heaven w/obi
$25 Hermie Hopperhead 2nd print no obi
$35 internal section w/obi
$20 The Shooting w/obi
$20 Sonic Wings Special 2nd print w/obi
$25 vib ribbon 1st print w/obi

$20 Bobobobobo (nose hair based wacky action!)
$30 Chain Dive
$45 Rez Special Package

$10 Darius Gaiden no obi
$10 Dragon Force 1st print no obi
$10 Ogre Battle no obi