I have a bunch of stuff coming up, and I want to step up from my point and shoot to something I can use to take nicer looking pictures. That said I don't want to go down the rabbit hole and get too deep into photography. I want it to be capable in auto mode, and hopefully I will be able learn some basics to get even better pics with more manual control. I will probably not buy a bunch of different lenses, but I do want interchangeable lenses. I don't want to lug around a giant DSLR. I don't want to spend too much, so I only want to buy something that I will be able to get the most out of, not crazy pro shit like some of my friends bought but don't have the skills to use. Usually I forget my camera at home and don't take too many pictures. I've never really been a camera person, so I might not even use it that much (but then if I have a camera that takes good pictures, maybe i will ??).

I narrowed it down to 2 choices. First is the Olympus E-PM1, part of their micro-4/3rds Pen line. Cameta sells it refurb with kit lens for only $300. I like the low cost of entry. The lens selection sounds good. The kit lens isn't too great i guess, but the whole thing is really cheap. It seems like a good way to get my feet wet, and may satisfy my entry level needs (I'm not sure though).

Next option is kind of stretching it. The Sony Nex-5n. I would like to write this one off since it's more like $650, but the reviews make it sound really amazing. It comes with a better lens than the Olympus, it has a way better sensor, it is known for its low light performance. To my untrained eye all the demo shots attached to the camera reviews are noticeably better for the 5n than the E-PM1.

There's probably an 85% chance I end up with the E-PM1 based on price. Since i have no photography knowledge or skill it's hard to figure out if I should make the more future proof decision and get the Nex. Guidance please!