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Thread: Shin Megami Tensei 4 3DS

  1. Shin Megami Tensei 4 3DS

    - heading to 3DS
    - official site will be
    - site doesn't open until tomorrow

    Strange Journey is the only RPG I've completed in the past five years, can't wait.
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  2. Even though it's only rumored, i guess Persona 5 is their only console RPG? Kind of disappoined.

  3. Honestly, I'd rather these be portable games. Megaten games seem to be enjoyable, yet repetitive and are just a huge timesink. Perfect for train rides!

  4. Good news (looks like I'll finally have to invest in a 3DS), but I do wish the proper numbered sequels would stick to consoles. I prefer the main series to Persona though, so YMMV.

    I still <3 you, Atlus.

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    I enjoy everything about this series more than Persona so far, so if they have to keep one splinter on the platform I don't own (Vita), that's a good one to pick. Nintendo's promise to load up the 3DS with third party goodness is coming true in spades, and we're not even to E3 yet.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by epmode View Post
    Even though it's only rumored, i guess Persona 5 is their only console RPG? Kind of disappoined.
    Atlus seems to want every last drop from Persona games, PS3 version with a Vita enhanced edition soon after makes sense.

  7. Yeah I'm incredibly excited. As rough as Strange Journey was the first time, I ended up loving the game completely.

    Working on finishing off Nocturne. And started up 1 and 2 which hold up really well.

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    I would be super impressed if you can get through all that megaten. I have never been strong enough to play them without some years spacing them out.
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  9. Maybe I'll finish Devil Survivor Overclocked by the time this drops.
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