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Thread: Yoshi's Electronic Entertainment Expo (DC/GBA/GC/3DS/PS1/PS3/PSP/SS/XB/360)

  1. Not gonna be able to go through the loose carts tonight, but I will tomorrow. I have hundreds, I bought a bunch of lots of random games from Japan over the summer. Also have hundreds of Super Famicom games. Although I'd say the quality titles are few and far between.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post
    I bought timber a hamburger, for nothing.
    What have you done for him lately?!
    I drove him to a place where Vasteel bought him a hot dog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vasteel View Post
    I'm having a hard time not biting on those Thunderforce Golds.
    I could probably do a local discount if you're serious.

  4. I keep looking at the GBA titles...
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  5. If my niece weren't in love with SPP I would just send you the fucking thing. Alas, here we are.

  6. None of the images work. Tnl or Tapatalk?

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    They're photobucket links, so not sure.

  8. Honest question: why is that one game $400?

    I dont doubt it is, I just want to know why.

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    The most expensive ones were $100-150, unless there's a typo I can't find.

  10. Do Don crazyname is either 400 or tapatalk is up to some shit.


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