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Thread: Yoshi's Electronic Entertainment Expo (DC/GBA/GC/3DS/PS1/PS3/PSP/SS/XB/360)

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Yoshi View Post
    Yeah, ARBM got all the Wii stuff.
    Got everything yesterday, thanks, Yoshi. Political conservative, liberal package padder.

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    That box was such a tight fit that I had to pad it better than normal to make sure you didn't cut a case when you opened it. I'll go leave you feedback, since I forgot until your post.

    edit: WTF happened to it?
    Last edited by Yoshi; 21 Jun 2012 at 03:46 PM.

  3. Yoshi is a great seller. You all should buy all his stuff!
    I have no ulterior motive in making this post.

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    Prices lowered and additional want list items added

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    Yoshi: when looking for FDS disks, you may want to specify that you want a case. There aren't any disk shutters on the yellow disks, and finding cases aren't easy unless you have another solution in mind.

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    Not a bad idea. I think for now I'll just ask for complete, as I am not sure how the disks would work with the UGCs.

  8. You could also delete the crap that sold so that I don't have to scroll past 20 sold items to get to one that you still have.

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    I deleted all the pictures that have completely sold. I'm going to start a new thread pretty soon to clean this up. I've never had a sales thread as effective as this one though. Holy shit.

  10. Oh, so I totally have a FDS yellow disk with case. I have fuck all idea what game it actually is, but I can post a pic when I see it again.


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