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Thread: Roku HD with Hulu Plus on Sale

  1. Roku HD with Hulu Plus on Sale

    From now until June 17, go to and you can get a Roku HD unit, HDMI cable, six months of Hulu Plus, and shipping for $79.99, which is more than $48.00 off the regular price.

    I recently moved an old display into the bedroom, so this is perfect timing for me. The alternative was moving the Wii in there to watch Netflix, but this will not only let me watch in 1080p over an actual current-gen connection, but I'll be able to enjoy HBO and Amazon Instant Video on there, too.

    Downton Abbey all over the house!

  2. I've had a Roku for about a year now and I love it. Use it for Netflixes in the bedroom.
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