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Thread: Metroid Prime Trilogy Wii

  1. Metroid Prime Trilogy Wii

    Anyone happen to have a used copy of this they'd be willing to part with for a fair price? I'd like to get this but don't really want to pay the Amazon prices.
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  2. I just saw this game local for 55. Is that high?

  3. eBay has it around $100. I'm currently in talks with the guy I lent it to 2 fucking years ago to get it back.

  4. I have a sealed one and a dilemma.

  5. Which is ?

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    A problem with two different solutions, neither of which is good.
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    I'd call selling it for $160 a pretty good solution.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by A Robot Bit Me View Post
    I have a sealed one and a dilemma.
    I also have a sealed copy. And now I guess I also have a dilemma.

  9. Sealed goes for how much?

    Taking offers.

  10. Maybe all of TNL has all the sealed copies.


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