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Thread: Surface by Microsoft

  1. That's exactly what I'm wondering, Windows 8 is 100% meant for this format. I completely understand why people hate MS forcing Metro and the touch style interface down PC users throats, but for a tablet it looks to be a solid experience that moves things significantly beyond what iOS and Android/ICS are offering.
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  2. I kind of want Windows 8 for my HTPC.

  3. yeah, metro is fucking garbage with a keyboard and mouse but on a touchscreen platform it's okay I guess (my brother had a W7 phone that was pretty decent, although things liked to quit working on it for no reason at all)

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    Waaaaait--when did you become anti Microsoft? And why?
    I have never liked Microsoft, but Windows 8 was the last straw. I absolutely want nothing to do with it on my PC, and when you take PC gaming away, Microsoft has nothing to offer in any other space. They want to integrate all our devices into an ecosystem I want nothing to do with.

  5. The ARM version can get fucked. Windows 8 for ARM is a joke.

    If the Pro version isn't locked down, then it's a fairly compelling product, and I like the design, but I'm doubtful the price point will be competitive enough to really make an impact.

  6. The Pro version has fans and will probably be >$1000. It's not even competing in the tablet space. It's more like a laptop without a real keyboard. I don't like that 16:9 ratio though.

    We'll see how the Windows RT one does. I'm still not convinced people actually want to use Windows, but this will be a good test. If people do actually want to use Windows, it could be the first viable iPad competitor. Android tablets have been nonstarters, Playbook and TouchPad aren't even worth talking about.

  7. The Playbook is a national embarassment.

    I saw it in Futureshop on Sunday and I felt bad for it.

  8. I'd get a playbook if there were an android OS available for it. It's not a bad piece of hardware.

  9. Should have left the hardware to someone else. That kickstand is going to break day 10, and that keyboard will be clumsily unresponsive as fuck.
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    I think it's pretty ugly and the kickstand is kind of cheesy. But I like the pen - pressure sensitivity is something that Apple really should consider for the next iPad.
    The use case here, I think, is those people in meetings who cover their iPads in those horribly gaudy cases and type on them. At least MS is focusing on the user experience rather in their marketing. People are much more persuaded by that than pure spec masturbation.
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