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Thread: The Secret World (PC)

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    The Secret World (PC)

    I wanted to start some discussion and hopefully create some interest in Funcom's The Secret World without shitting up the Final Fantasy XI thread. To my knowledge, no one on TNL is playing this yet, but there appears to be interest in eventually giving it a whirl.

    Ragnar Tornquist, who was the Lead Designer of The Longest Journey, reprises that role here. You can choose one of three organizations to join: Dragon ("The Art of Chaos"), Illuminati ("Sex, Drugs, and Rockefeller"), or Templars ("Deliverance from Evil"). And the investigation missions sound like the best thing that's ever happened to MMOs.

    Here are some links to learn more about the game:

    Official Site

    IGN article "Why the Secret World's Not Like Other MMOs"

    Joystiq posts

    GDC 2012 Presentation:

  2. I kind of resent every game Funcom has been putting out because they're keeping me from my Dreamfall sequel.

    I hear those investigative quests are pretty rad though.

  3. I know that when you join the dragons that chick sucks your dick so hard you see the truth of the world.

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    That's still not enough to keep me away from the Illuminati.

    edit: I left out the CDR link, aka the Steam promissory note, above.
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  5. I wanted to check this out in passing at PAX but that got poo poo'd for whatever reason. Oh well.

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    I blame Korly and probably Tekken.

  7. I honestly think this was a RF decision. Korly was too busy actually running around the show floor.

  8. I checked it out for a bit, and by bit I mean one minute before I got called away.

  9. I like Ragnar and was intrigued by this game, but then lost interest when I read about all the milking. Price of the game + monthly fee + micro-transactions and probably more I'm forgetting.

    I don't want to work together with people either, which is apparently required for some of the super-tough puzzles. So this game probably isn't for me.

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    What happens if there are other f-chan curmudgeons of indeterminate gender? You might make a new friend!


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