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Thread: Sega Genesis: The Superior Versions

  1. Also: Toy Story

  2. Earthworm Jim is worth mentioning as better on Genesis.

    Lots and lots of exclusives, too. Every Treasure game, and the Wonder Boy games.

  3. Huh? This goes against everything I've ever read. The 68000 was in everything. Developers were quite familiar with it.
    The wording is bad, what I meant was that SNES developers had a few more tools and options to play with when deciding on graphics, like Mode 7 and the use of the SuperFX chip later on without requiring addons.

  4. Got ya. But as scavenger (thread needs more Red Zone) and Treasure proved, Genesis could scale and rotate just as well as the snes if you knew what you were doing. But you point stands. What you had to work to achieve on genesis as far that goes, snes did right out of the box.

  5. Did someone say Red Zone? This game goes nuts with Genesis effects. Even the intro is awesome.

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    Woaaaah. The ads for Red Zone always looked dumb, I see now this was an oversight.
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    FUCK, Frog beat me to the EWJ mention.

    There was this one weird-ass level in Bloodlines where the screen is broken up into horizontal segments that don't line up so your feet are to the left, torso to the right, and head somewhere else.

    wtf at that.
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  8. Nothing compares to the Sega CD EWJ!

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    Big Bruty says wsup.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frogacuda View Post
    Every Treasure game
    Someone had to break the combo. Now that it's dead though, Gunstar Heroes is fantastic, though not as good as Contra.

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