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Thread: Station82o needs your help nick

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    Station82o needs your help nick

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    Ok whats bugging me today is that apparently my original account under the name station82o has been locked or stripped of posting ability. Can someone explain why this would be the case. I'd take this to the troubleshooting forum but i can't make new threads there and this is the closest bill that fits. Can a mod please re-instate my station82o account? I know I haven't been around for a bit but jesus. Oh and Tracer says to reinstate his too, its godamnned Tracer guys! How you gonna play two old school brothers like that?

  2. danke my friend! i will speak your name to all my village men!! Help restore station82o back to his proper glory , this station82 account just isnt cutting it!

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    I told you in #tnl I'd send a PM, you dick.

  4. Since he's a "noob" there is a certain amount of posts he has to hit before he can start threads... What happened to his old acct?

    Edit: I'd help but I don't have admin powers.

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    A gross injustice imo.

  6. haha i didn't see it Dog$.

    Apparently I'm allowed to log into the station82o account but I can't do anything with it, no replying to threads, no making new threads, no pms .... its like i'm mouthless

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    Yet you want to scream?

  8. oh ye

  9. You're all fixed up.

  10. I told station sniffing glue wasn't good for him.
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