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Thread: Garage Sale, Flea Market, Used Game Store Finds and Locations

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post
    Cheetahmen II.
    Just back the kickstarter!

  2. I've actually had some luck in Gamestops stranded in super buttfuck nowhere. They'll have rare (pre-owned) games for cheap because some asshole traded it in 4 or 5 years ago and it's still in stock.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by TrialSword View Post
    Check out Goodwill stores, Salvation Army, any places that run pretty much 100% on donations. The people that run them are usually old women with no interest in stealing the good stuff first, and will pretty much just throw them out on the shelves for next to nothing. Hardware is hardly reliable if it has moving parts but games are often in working order and really cheap. They NEVER, ever are arsed enough to look at the fair market value of any software.
    I wish your little old ladies ran the thrifts around here. All the goodwills put the videogame shit on their own auction site, and the salvation army near here is managed by a guy who does check ebay and prices everything according to not completed auctions which might make a little sense, but whatever outlandish buy it nows are currently listed. It fucking sucks.

  4. I've never found any good game stuff at any SA/Goodwills here. Atari 2600 Combat and Pac-Man out the ass though.

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    The obvious places around here (used game store, used book stores, flea market) are pretty much tapped at this point. God knows what kind of places Vasteel, GohanX, and I will hit when together though.

  6. I picture lots of truck stops and rest areas.

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    My Backloggery

  8. Glory hole Gaston's down on 3rd and Park.

  9. Big Sams Cock Slam Palace.

    Also, my goodwill prices all retro games at 1.99 no matter what it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darmonde View Post
    We're going tomorrow, so post whatever lists hopefully before then! It'll be good to actually have something to look out for that isn't super rare, that way at least it won't be a complete waste.

    Oh, not just NES either, whatever systems.
    I'd take all the Base Wars and Tecmo Super Bowls you can find for less than $5 each.


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