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Thread: Garage Sale, Flea Market, Used Game Store Finds and Locations

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    I found out there was a place that sells surplus used medical supplies near me, and rumor had it that they had tons of PVM monitors for $50. Checked into it, and they wanted something like $300 for the good 20 inch models. Fuck. That. Shit.

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    I checked some medical surplus place and they didn't know the history of their monitors (which looked pretty old and washed out) and nerds had already come by and made them look up prices.

    Everything is ruined now.
    My Backloggery

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    I still have the good ol Commodore 1702, next best thing.

  4. On the way to work this morning, I passed by a garage sale and a PS3 box jumped out at me. I turned around and stopped in. It was just the box. Dude wanted $30 for it. "People tend to spend a lot of money on these things after a few years." The box wasn't even in good condition. But still. A garage sale. A $30 box. Fuck Everything.

    p.s. I haven't stopped at a garage sale in two years, but something told me something was going to be weird because why else would a PS3 still be sitting in the yard on the third day of a sale.

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    People are retarded.

  6. p.s. why is search so broken still? Had to google the site to find this thread.

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    Lol, is that a Handspring?


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