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Thread: Boxed OG 3DS Black

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    Boxed OG 3DS Black

    I've got the 3DS XL now, and was planning on trading my old system in to Gamestop to get the $100 promo, but I thought I'd see if anyone was interested in buying it from me for that price.

    I'm the only owner, bought at launch. Still have everything in the box, including most if not all of the baggies. I'm not sure about the AR cards, but I can throw in the pack that came with my XL if I can't find the originals. The system is in perfect shape, other than the ever present fingerprints. The bottom screen has had a screen protector since day 1, and has never been touched by a stylus. The protector itself could probably use replacement, I don't remember if I have any spares.

    The top screen wiggles a little, but not bad, and better than most launch units. My system isn't prone to the screen scratch defect that SSJN fell victim to, although the rubber pads seem to collect finger oil that you have to wipe off the top screen when you open it.

    I've also got the Nyko extended battery and cradle with it, the original battery and cover is in the 3DS's box. The battery holds a good charge, but the system's battery indicator has never worked correctly with it, showing it to be "dead" while the battery lasts a good 2 or 3 hours longer.

    If anyone is interested let me know, it'll be a day or two before I can make it back to Gamestop.
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    Traded my shit in, so no longer for sale, but if anyone could use a 3DS box, manuals, etc, let me know and you can have it. The only thing I don't have are the AR cards.

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    I'd be happy to add it to my display boxes!

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    Alright, I'll send it to you sometime, along with that FDS disk that I keep forgetting about.


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