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Thread: Dragon Quest VI DS (New)

  1. Dragon Quest VI DS (New)

    I saw two of these on clearance for $6.99. It was undignified. I bought both.

    Anyone looking to adopt a rescue? $9 shipped would be fine. This game is lovely.

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    Now you are doing the Lord's work.

  3. What a gouger!

  4. I'm playing through IX and have IV on deck after that, if nobody else has taken it by then I'll go for it, TOO MUCH DRAGON QUEST.

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    Not enough Dragon Quest.

  6. Never enough Dragon Quest.

  7. Which one is VI?

  8. The one with the spiky haired main character.

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    The one after 5, but before 7.


  10. It's good, out of IV V and VI it has the best gameplay by far. All the while the story and characters are almost as good as V and as good as IV, it's the best out of that trilogy by a decent margin. Class system and all.


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