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Thread: The Tank Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by dave is ok View Post
    The Ironplant Talks to Himself thread.
    Well at least I'm in good company.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GohanX View Post
    Are you telling me Indiana Jones lied and I really can't kill a tank with some rocks?

    Also, tanks are cool.

    You might be able to get inside an M8 Howitzer and beat the crew to death with rocks. You could probably also take out a lot of german tanks if you jammed some rocks up in the wheel mechanisms in North Russia in the middle of winter.

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  4. That's crap.

    This isn't.

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    I wonder what they did with her tank after the movie. It was a highly modified M5 light tank or a High speed tractor from the same period

  6. Next time I head up to my aunt's house I'll try to get a picture of a really old tank this guy occasionally displays in his driveway. I have no idea what it is but I bet you'll know and find it cool. It looks really old.
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    if you could describe it, I I could probably tell you. Hell, doodle it and show me a picture

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    Cool pictures of some WW1 mark Vs being refurbed in Russia

    BTW, if you like vehicle restoration shows, there are 4 episodes of Tank Restoration on netflix.

  9. I had a friend in junior high that went by the nickname "Tank." He was a brutish boor of a man with poor hygiene and a bad additude, yet somehow was a hit with the ladies. He has fathered, I believe, six children and maintains contact with at least none of them. He spent four years in that three years school (as did I, but that's a different story), and the only reason he finally got out is that they didn't want him there anymore so they kept passing him up a grade.

    He once described his drug use as "Tried everything in the candy store 'cept needles and acid." One time, he ran into Zac and Doc at the local bowling ally, where he proclaimed himself as "drunk as a skunk and twice as dusty." He was a deep man. Hung out with him a couple years ago out of the blue. The man had no teeth left, having had them all pulled. No explanation as to why he hadn't gotten false ones. It was horrifying, yet strangely hypnotic watching him attempt to eat bone-in chicken wings.
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    "Tanks are Mighty Fine Things"

    This was a book put out by Chrysler in 1946 for their investors. It is about a 100 pages or more on how America geared up for armor manufacturing. It has lots of cool color photos, pictures of the tank factories and other such things.

    I think the book is public domain now and can be found here

    Click for full size
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