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Thread: The Tank Thread

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    The Tank Thread

    It isn't news that I love military vehicles. And going from the rep I get when I post videos and comments, it seems other TNLers do too.

    So in an effort to encourage discussion, I'm making a military vehicle thread. The topic is pretty broad. You can post anything that relates to the topic. Cool pictures, youtube videos, articles, etc.

    To get things started, here's a souped up Sherman cruising through europe with Queen in the background

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    And a stuart playing in the snow

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    Here's an old US propaganda film. Its almost cartoonish in how it portrays the concept of armor training. I guess it was trying to be funny

    Interesting none the less

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    Tanks are usually done pretty poorly in film. Hollywood is really bad about using completely wrong vehicals (like using gray Patton tanks for tigers).

    Kelly's Heroes is an odd duck in that the story itself is from the wrong period while getting the tanks mostly right. It uses real shermans for the allies and a modified russian tank for the germans. That might not seem like much now, but at the time, it was very rare for a movie company to go to that amount of trouble for accuracy. The movie was also historically accurate in showing how outmatched the sherman was at the end of the film. Most American movies at the time and before would not have had that kind of honesty. The story itself is comical and more like a Vietnam war comedy that a ww2 film.

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    and some more serious tanks on film

  6. Where's the A7V love??
    "Question the world man... I know the meaning of everything right now... it's like I can touch god." - bbobb the ggreatt

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    You've got working hands. You tell me?

  8. The Ironplant Talks to Himself thread.

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    only moving tiger

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    Are you telling me Indiana Jones lied and I really can't kill a tank with some rocks?

    Also, tanks are cool.


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