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Thread: Clik Elite Photo Comp

  1. Clik Elite Photo Comp

    Hey TNL. I entered a bunch of photos into this photo comp by Click Elite. It is a company that specializes in outdoor and adventure photography and gear. It would be awesome if some of you could vote for my work. A couple of times a year, they sponsor photographers in the outdoor and adventure photography world, giving them free gear and good publicity. Winning a couple of the photo categories in the Teva Mountain Games Photo Comp helps, but this could really help in getting that sponsorship. The contest is done through their facebook page at and all you have to do is like their page and then vote. They don't say the name of the photographer of the photos, but the photos I have in right now are:

    Climbing Los Alamos
    Puck Juggler
    Riding the Pipe
    Air in the Pipe
    Patriot Air in the Pipe
    Flying high in the Pipe
    Steep Creek Battle
    Danny Davis gets some serious AIR!
    Danny Davis Up Close
    Danny Davis All Out
    Bombing Down Hill
    Flying Through the Turn
    Fighting to Stay Afloat
    Steep Creek Patriotism
    Steep Creek Fall
    Brick Wall, Unstoppable Glove
    Flying High in the Mountains
    Grabbing the Bull by the Horns
    Where the Wolf Dogs Roam 001-007

    You can vote each day, and the photos with the most points (1 star = 1 point and 5 stars = 5 points) wins in the particular categories. You don't have to vote on them all, but if you do find some photos you really like, please vote on them as often as you can until the end of October. Big thanks and appreciate anyone who can help out. Seeing as it is all user voting, I need all the help I can get, so if you can share the photos on your FB page or share with friends that would be even better.

  2. These all sound like sexual maneuvers.

  3. My favorite is "Brick Wall, Unstoppable Glove."

  4. I hate coming up with names for photos. I'd rather just let the photo speak for itself.

    I love the Pekka Rinne shot. I actually have an 8x10 with his signature on it.

    Competition is going to be tough, but I see mainly outdoor shots more than sports and adventure sports, but I need all the help I can get. Voting is daily, so if you can please try to vote as often as possible and if you can share with friends that would be even better. I appreciate the help TNL.

  5. I like those wolf dogs. A lot of yours are pretty high on the list!

  6. Thanks Finch. Comp started yesterday and with these you gotta get a head start. Got some friends to help out yesterday to give me that nice lead, but I need to keep it up.

  7. I'll make sure to vote!

  8. I really appreciate it Finch.

    I just added some more photos. You don't have to vote for them all, but if you do find a particular photo or photos you do really like, please vote for them as many days as you can. The new photos that are mine are:

    Hanging in the Falls
    High Road to Taos
    Footsteps on the Dunes
    Light and Shadow on the Dunes
    The Aspens are Alive
    Moon Rising Over Delicate Arch
    Falling off the Horse
    Sands of Time
    Hikers Behind Delicate

    The FB link is


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