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Thread: Squadron 42/Star Citizen (New Space Shooter from Chris "Wing Commander" Roberts)

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Diff-chan View Post
    They're still running this con?

  2. Here is a link to RSI's production schedule for Star Citizen if you want to see how this sprawling mass of ideas is trying to come together.
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    Gantt charts are what I look for in my game updates.

  4. you play Switch and FFXIV... the last thing you are looking for lately is anything interesting in gaming.
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    You can't get to interesting without leaving alpha. I'll bet Nintendo and Taito Eidos had some amazing ideas they were smart enough to know they couldn't deliver.

  6. I'll just get back to the Star Flight game I never finished and imagine that it is the 2D version.

  7. So how is Alpha 3.0? It came out in early September like they said, right?

  8. More stuff from the game that is never coming out.

    This is an edit someone did that took out a lot of the pre/post talking... and the jump between planets is edited because it takes eight minutes and they went to a PiP screen and started talking about the tech they use to generate interior spaces.

    They did some panels before the keynote speech and I found this one really interesting. At around 9:00 minutes in the start talking about procedural animation and the systems they are developing to combat a lot of the problems you see with characters walking around random environments. Worth it to watch even if you don't care at all about Star Citizen.

    This is an in-engine reveal of a new base-building pioneer ship. Weird.
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  9. haha this fucking game

    "hey guys check out this awesome new tech demo oh it's just going to tack on another year of development buy this $800 ship kthx"

  10. Feature creep, feature creep, it's so freaky. I still can't believe how this is still going.


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