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Thread: Squadron 42/Star Citizen (New Space Shooter from Chris "Wing Commander" Roberts)

  1. LOL

  2. They should just call it Squadron 42 Forever.

  3. Squadron 2042

  4. They recently showed off a level of the single player campaign for Squadron 42. They are still considering it a pre-alpha work in progress. The pacing is pretty slow but they show off some interesting tech stuff they have been working on. This version of the video includes the developer commentary.

    On the other side, they released the 3.0 pre-alpha update for the multiplayer persistent universe part of the game: Star Citizen, to anyone with a game package. This guy does a pretty good version of talking about the current state of the game with the update, what is available, what needs work.. stuff like that.

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  5. While Star Citizen itself has grown into this absurd monstrosity that will never be fully realized, I maintain some hope for Squadron 42. If they can focus this thing into a solid linear single player game, I will definitely be interested.

  6. Squadron 42 trailer from the close of citizen con.

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  7. Star Citizen will collapse under its own weight, but Squadron 42 still has potential if they can prioritize it and get it out the door. I could really go for a new Wing Commander.

  8. #268
    I really hope they get this released before RSI runs out of money and folds.

  9. Why bad CG celebrities? Yo, is your space game actually fun? Is there a game in there?
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  10. citizen con
    damn right


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