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Thread: Squadron 42/Star Citizen (New Space Shooter from Chris "Wing Commander" Roberts)

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    Did you back this? Are you angry they're wasting your money on the cinematic crap instead of making a good game?
    What are you talking about? Youíre the one that was being all jaded about the mo-cap. I donít have a beef with it. The only thing that I think is better is what they did with LA Noire, with the FMV like texture mapping of the faces.
    Wing Commander has always been a cinematic experience, so I donít know why you would expect this game to be any different.

    And no, I do not throw money behind vaporware. Iíll wait until thereís a pre-order before I throw cash down.
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    These days I'd take mocap with good voice actors over live action with bad production values any day.

    However, you can get good voice actors without paying for Gary Oldman and Henry Cavill.

  3. The following video is a decent "current state of the game" from a guy at Digital Foundry. He covers some of the "next-gen" tech stuff they are attempting to get in there.

    CitizenCon is on 23 November. Looks like they are going to show off system (Stanton) to system (Pyro) travel.
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